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Unit Testing Selection on a Windows Forms ListView Control


This is kind of an edge case, but it just stole about two hours of my day, so I thought it might be of interest for someone else who stumbles upon this problem.

In the application I am currently working on I am subclassing a ListView to make it handle strongly typed tags, and for example directly get a strongly typed instance of the tag of the currently selected item. To test my implementation I programmatically created an instance of my ListView subclass, added items and added an item to the selection using both:

Item.Selected = true



The problem was that this had no effect at all on the ListView\'s SelectedIndices and SelectedItems collections.

I tried doing the same thing on a ListView in one of the forms of my appliation and that worked, but it did not work if I instantiated the ListView directly in the code. After some googeling I finally found a comment to the MSDN documentation on the ListViewItem.Selected Property, saying that the Selected property could not be trusted if the ListView had not been drawn. I did some quick testing myself and confirmed that the problem indeed disappeared if the ListView was drawn.

So, the solution to the problem was to do something like this:

public void CanGetSelectedItems()
// Sadly, this is needed to make the ListView handle selection properly.
// If the ListView is instantiated directly SelectedIndices, SelectedItems etc
// do not update when modified.
var f = new DummyForm(listView);


Assert.AreEqual(1, listView.SelectedIndices.Count);

ICollection<string> items = listView.SelectedItems;

Assert.AreEqual(1, items.Count);

private class DummyForm : Form
public DummyForm(ListView listView)
this.WindowState = FormWindowState.Minimized;
this.ShowInTaskbar = false;

Written by Erik Öjebo 2008-11-20 10:55