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Emacs Excercies Revisited: Bulleted List to Numbered List


In a previous post I presented the following problem and solved it using a regex with an embedded elisp expression.

* Foo
* Foo
* Foo
* Foo
* Foo
* Foo
* Foo
* Foo

That list should be transformed into a numbered (one based) list, like so:

1. Foo
2. Foo
3. Foo
4. Foo
5. Foo
6. Foo
7. Foo
8. Foo

It's time to revisit that problem, and present an alternative solution.

For this simple problem a regex is a bit of an overkill. This could easily be solved with a keyboard macro.

Solution using a keyboard macro:

- Set the macro counter to 1 (C-x C-k C-c 1)
- Start recording a macro (F3)
- Insert the macro counter followed by ". " at the beginning of ther first line (F3)
- Move to the next line and finish the macro (F4)
- Run the macro to the end of the file (C-u 0 C-x e)

Written by Erik Öjebo 2012-10-23 14:47