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Emacsify Your Windows Keyboard Navigation


If you are an Emacs user you might miss the Emacs navigation keybindings while working in Windows. The Emacs navigation keybindings let you navigate through text without moving your hands from the touch typing position. This can be quite nice, especially when working on a laptop which has home/end and the arrows in funky locations on the keyboard.

Since Emacs shortcuts are extremely ctrl heavy, many Emacs users rebind their caps lock key to be another ctrl key. To emulate the Emacs bindings, while at the same time keeping all the default Windows keybindings, I created a little AutoHotKey script that maps CapsLock+n/p etc to up arrow/down arrow etc.

AutoHotKey is a small but extremely powerful application for doing stuff with keybindings in Windows. If you have not checked it out, I strongly suggest that you do. It can do some really usefull things.

The tiny AutoHotKey script I wrote goes as follows:

CapsLock & n::Send {Down}
CapsLock & p::Send {Up}
CapsLock & e::Send {End}
CapsLock & a::Send {Home}
CapsLock & f::Send {Right}
CapsLock & b::Send {Left}

Now you can navigate easily in any Windows application, even explorer, while still keeping your system pair programming friendly by keeping all standard keybindings unchanged.

Written by Erik Öjebo 2010-03-07 22:17