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Compiling Fluent-NHibernate for NHibernate 2.1 without Using Rake


Currently Fluent-NHibernate references NHibernate version per default. At the Fluent-NHibernate page the suggested way of compiling Fluent-NHibernate for NHibernate 2.1 is to do as follows:

To enable NH 2.1 support, run the rake task (rake use_nhib_21) and then build FluentNHibernate.Versioning.NH21. To go back to NH 2.0.1, run the rake task (rake use_nhib_201) and build FluentNHibernate.Versioning.NH20

To do this you obviously need to have rake installed. As a Windows user you can get rake by using the Ruby installer for Windows.

However, if you do not want to install rake, you can still change the references by hand and compile new Fluent-NHibernate binaries.

First of all, get the latest source code by doing a check out of the latest code from the Fluent-NHibernate repository.

For each project in the solution, remove the references to NHibernate and NHibernate.Linq, then add references to the latest dlls. These dlls are located in the sub-folder Tools/NHibernate/nhib2.1/ in your check out folder.

Now you can find a shining, new FluentNHibernate.dll, that uses NHibernate 2.1, in one of the bin folders.

Written by Erik Öjebo 2009-01-23 14:31